Sunday, September 19, 2010

What class are you going to be?

This site is going to focus mainly on Star Wars The Old Republic. I intend to cover Classes, Professions, Fighting styles and techniques, and any other aspect of the game that might exist. It is also worth noting that I have signed up for the beta, and if I get in I will be posting Pictures and videos if at all possible. That way you will get to see the content just as soon as possible. With all of that in mind though the game isn't out yet, and the beta hasn't started so for right now it is a whole lot of speculation and conjecture,, so I will be covering everything Star Wars. With any luck by the time the game comes out you will have a very firm grasp of just how big of a Star Wars lore nerd I am. Who knows you might even learn something along the way too.

That brings me to the point of today's article. What Class are you going to be? On the off chance that you haven't been following the game I will briefly cover each possible class before I reveal my choice and why I want that choice.

First up we have the Trooper.
If you ever wanted to play a clone trooper now is your chance. This guy pack heavy weapons. He is the Tank for the Star Wars universe. Lots of armor, and lots of guns that is pretty much the Trooper in a nut shell.

Next we have The Smuggler
According the BioWare developers the Smuggler class is based of Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian. This is a rogue like character. They are the only class in the game that can shoot while on the run, and they get the ability to shoot while in stealth.

You can't have a Star Wars Universe without the Jedi Knight
The design idea behind this character is for those that would want to play as either Luke Skywalker or Mace Wendu. I that interests you then you would definitely want to chose this character. He is your typical Jedi Character Force powers coupled with deadly moves on the Lightsaber. Even if he didn't have the force the fact that he is able to wield one or two lightsabers makes the Jedi Knight a force to be reckoned with.

The unusual one that they have is the Jedi Consular
If you got to you will be able to see a Jedi Consular in action. I'll be honest with you guys and girls The thought of a Jedi whose focus is on force powers over the lightsaber doesn't sound real appealing to me, but when you watch the video and see how she lays the Smack Down on that sith lord you might just change your mind. The Consulars are based off o Yoda, and Obi Wan Kenobi. Focused more on the use of the force they are the Jedi support characters

That wraps up the Old Republic classes. Next up to bat we have the Sith.

First up we have the Bounty Hunter
I really don't think there is any introduction needed here, but I did promise so here it goes. Boba Fett the most awesome and bad ass Bounty Hunter to ever fly through the galaxy. That who this class is based off of. If have ever wanted to play a Bounty Hunter, and come on who hasn't then this is the class for you. What we know about them is that they have all of the gadgets that we have come to love. Flame throwers, jet packs, and even sticky bombs.

Next we have the Sith Warrior
Like the consular you can see the sith warrior in action by going to you will also be able to see the Jedi Knight in the video, and the Bounty hunter. This toon is based off of Darth Vader and Darth Maul, and I mean come on who hasn't wanted to utter the words “for your sake I hope so. The emperor isn't as forgiving as I am” and have that be a very serious threat. He is like the Jedi knight in that he can wield both one and two lightsabers, and still has some pretty awesome force powers to contend with as well.

Who could forget the Sith Inquisitor
This one is based off of the emperor, and like the consular he is more focused on the force powers as opposed to the fighting aspect. It is also reported that he/she will be a much more political animal that the other classes with maybe the exception of the next one.

Speaking of the next one. It would be the Imperial Agent
This is the secret agent of the Star Wars universe. They are the first ones in and if everything goes according to plane he/she will be able to affect the battle, and no one will ever even know they are there. They get some cool features like a personal shield, and the best weapons and armor that the Sith have to offer. If you are wanting to play a political yet stealth class then the Imperial Agent is probably for you.

Now if you have read this far you are probably wondering what class I have decided to be. Truth be told it spans from when I was little and I watched Star Wars for the very first time. Even though like any young boy I loved Boba Fett and all of the other Bounty Hunters for that matter. He wasn't my favorite. I was absolutely captivated by Han Solo. The roguish character with the heart of gold has captivated me ever since, and even though I will most likely have a Bounty Hunter, and other classes as well my first one will be a Smuggler.

I hope you have enjoyed this little Journey into the world of The Old Republic, and I will see you back here tomorrow.

Thraken Dar

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello World!!

I love all things Star Wars. I have seen the movies so many times that I wouldn’t even begin to hazard a guess as to how many times I’ve watched them. I have read every single book all the way up to the New Jedi Order Series. I have played just about every single game, and for the record the games that I haven’t played I am currently in the process of acquiring a copy so that I can play them.  The comics, toys, cartoons, and just about any other kind of collectable that you can find I have seen, and at one time or the other owned, or at the very least new existed and wanted to own. A prime example is the C3PO hand that is somewhere out in the open market would make a great addition to my collection if only I knew where it was and had the money to purchase it. These are the kinds of things that make Star Wars unique. It is so much more than just a movie, or a series. It is a whole universe that captures the imagination just as much now as it did when we were kids watching it for the first time.

That brings me to the point of what this blog is about. Of course it goes without saying that it is about Star Wars, but it is much more than just Star Wars. It is about the love we all feel for this captivating universe. We all want in some way to have our own story within its confines, but since that isn’t possible we can at least meet here and share our mutual fascination with it together. A big topic that will be covered in this blog is the new MMO Star Wars the Old Republic, but fear not in the weeks and months to come we will cover ever thing from races to ships. Especially considering that the game hasn’t been released yet. All of the topics we cover will be centered on the Star Wars Universe. Some articles will be about new things some about old, but they should all be entertaining. Feel free to comment and leave any input to my articles, and if I get something wrong by all means please let me know. I love to learn new things about Star Wars.

To start out my Blog I will give you a story.
The picture you see is myself and a friend leveling our Tera Kasi Apprentices on the Planet Yavin in the Game Star Wars Galaxies.He didn’t want to be a fighter, but I convinced him that if he picked up a fighting profession and leveled it up high enough he would be able to gather his resources much more efficiently. This fact of course was true he would be able to level his profession much faster if he could safely check his resource harvesters. We immediately got some doctor buffs and headed to Yavin to kill Klikniks. I assured him that I had a plan that would allow him to level really fast. Being new to the fighting aspect of SWG he followed my lead and it lead to both of us being incapacitated. This plan taught e a big lesson and anytime I think that I might be forgetting it I always remember when we were laying there ion the weeds and he uttered his sage advice on the execution of my plan  “Good Plan Dip shit!”

With that in mind come with me I look forward to traveling through a Galaxy Far Far Away with you. Hopefully you will learn something you didn’t know, and at the very least we can all share in our love of Star Wars together.

Thraken Dar